Wholesale & Distribution

The advantages of Hoosier Momma® products in your Bar, Restaurant, Country Club, Hotel, Casino, Retail or Specialty Food stores:


Hoosier Momma® tastes fresh and homemade. It is rich and thick so that it does not “water down” after ice and your favorite spirit have been added.


Hoosier Momma® uses the finest, freshest, naturally sourced, premium ingredients, with no artificial flavors or high-fructose corn syrup added!

Shelf Stable

Hoosier Momma® has an 18-month shelf-life (unopened) and 6 weeks after being opened and refrigerated.

Cost Effective/Consistent

Labor costs required by bar/kitchen staff to make a house mix are eliminated. Inventories of tomato juice, spices, horseradish and other necessary ingredients are no longer needed. With Hoosier Momma®, your mix is consistent from week-to-week, and creates loyal customers.


People not only use Hoosier Momma® for cocktails, but in cooking applications as well. Chili, Pot Roast, Meatballs, Gazpacho, and as a marinade-you name it! Restaurants and consumers alike are finding new ways to use Hoosier Momma®.

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