Hoosier Momma™ Distributors



KeHE Distributing (Grocery and Specialty Food Stores)
(AL, FL, LA, MS,  NY, PA, TX)
(800) 995-5343

Bozzuto’s (Grocery)
(New England, NY, NJ, PA)
(203) 272-3511


Stoller Wholesale Wine and Spirits
(847) 957-1200


Glazers of Indiana
(317) 876-1188


Lipman Brothers

(615) 244-2230


AM Craft Sprits – Minneapolis
(612) 750-4658


Glazer’s of Ohio
(614) 552-7900


Saratoga Liquor Company – Superior (NW Wisc)
(715) 394-4487


Glazer’s of Louisiana
(504) 443-8600


Heidelberg – Kentucky
(859) 980-0900

The advantages of Hoosier Momma™ products in your Bar, Restaurant, Country Club, Hotel, Casino, Retail or Specialty Food stores:

  1. Taste– Hoosier Momma™ tastes fresh and homemade. It is rich and thick so that it does not “water down” after ice and vodka (or gin or beer) have been added.
  2. Quality –Hoosier Momma™ uses the finest, freshest, naturally sourced, premium ingredients, with no artificial flavors or high-fructose corn syrup added!
  3. Shelf Stable – Hoosier Momma™ has an 18-month shelf-life (unopened) and 6-8 weeks after being opened and refrigerated.
  4. Cost Effective/Consistent – Labor costs required by bar/kitchen staff to make a house bloody mary mix are eliminated. Inventories of tomato juice, spices, horseradish and other necessary ingredients are no longer needed.  With Hoosier Momma™, your mix is consistent from week-to-week, and creates loyal customers.
  5. Variety – People not only use Hoosier Momma™ for cocktails, but in cooking applications as well. Chili, Pot Roast, Meatballs, Italian Beef, Marinara, Gazpacho, Eggs in Purgatory, you name it! Restaurants and consumers alike are finding new ways to use Hoosier Momma™.

Want to retail or distribute the Hoosier Momma line of products?

If you are a retailer or wholesaler interested in stocking or distributing Hoosier Momma, we welcome your inquiry and look forward to discussing the opportunity.