“Order some of this Hoosier Momma mix through the mail, the best in my 40 years of research. Thick as paint, this stuff — a mitzvah, a miracle of spiced tomatoes…this new kid on the block may become the gold standard.” – Los Angeles Times

“Hoosier Momma…How a bloody mary mix is thriving in the heartland…and turned into a booming Midwest cocktail company” –

“Hoosier Momma Spicy Bloody Mary Maker is the hottest thing to hit brunch since the bottomless Mimosa.” Tasting Panel Magazine – November, 2011 issue

“Delicious! Fresh, spicy, balanced just right. It’s a salad in a highball glass!” –Ted Allen, Emmy-winning, James Beard Award winning Chef and Best-Selling Author, and current Host, Food Network’s Chopped

“Hoosier Momma – When you want the very best Bloody Mary Mix. Erin Edds and her partners are high-quality, hard-working entrepreneurs. Watch them succeed and grow! Remember, drink early and drink often.” – Steve Huse, CEO and Partner at St. Elmo Steak House (Named a 2012 America’s Classic by James Beard Foundation and by Forbes as one of the world’s “10 Classic Restaurants.”)

“Hoosier Momma – How my Bloody Mary Mix would taste if I had the time and knowledge to make it myself! Just buy the damn stuff; have I ever steered you wrong?” Paul G. Tuennerman, a.k.a. “Mr. Cocktail” Cofounder & Chief Business Officer, Tales of the Cocktail 

“Love the Hoosier Momma. Made sensational bloody marys for a very important brunch meeting with good Russian vodka. XOX.”  – Chef Art Smith – James Beard Award-winning chef and former chef to Oprah Winfrey

“Hoosier Momma has [created]…a obsession-generating line of drink mixes.” – From the article “Prophets of Profit: Small Businesses with Cult-Like Appeal.” American Express OPEN Forum

“As a self-proclaimed Bloody Mary connoisseur, I find the mix of veggies and spices in Hoosier Momma to be a fantastic Bloody Mary mix. Just a splash of your favorite vodka, and you have the perfect compliment to any breakfast-time fun.” – Jennifer Heigl, Managing Editor The Daily Blender

“Hoosier Momma makes darned good Bloody Mary Mix.  Usually I shy away from anything pre-made, but this product just sings of the high quality of the ingredients.  If you bar is not selling that many Bloody Mary cocktails, try this product.  You will be surprised what happens to the sales!” –

“We are loving the Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary mix. For a hot minute, we were all about Zing Zang, but not anymore.” – Gay List Daily

“When it comes to Bloody Mary mixes, we usually think they are a bit of a hoax. Something that has been packaged for convenience, and is just as easy to create at home. But this Bloody changed our minds.” – 

“Bloody Hell that’s a FABULOUS Bloody Mary.” – Michael De Cicco-Butz (a.k.a. Gluten Free Mike), Gluten Free

“I’ll drink a lot of different Scotches, Bourbons, and even beers, but I won’t drink another bloody mary aside from Hoosier Momma. It powers me!” – Will Carroll, sportswriter ( Under the Knife)

“This bloody mary mix is bolder and spicier than Bobby Knight’s temper. And Hoosier Momma has about the same number of victories. – (via WiseGuy Liquors)

“We were given 2 bottles of your bloody mary mix a couple of months ago, and it was a hit! I have used Zing Zang since we opened, and our customers prefer your mix.” – Aaron King, bar manager The Miller House Owensboro, KY

“I’ve been hearing people talk–seriously–about how good Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Maker is. It’s supposedly the perfect blend of ingredients and just the right consistency, and its vegan and gluten-free. And the ingredients are naturally sourced…it even looks higher-quality than the other mixes. We threw in some ice and vodka and the verdict is yeah, this is GREAT bloody mary!” – Indy on a

“Thank you for making a bloody mary mix that doesn’t taste like ass!” – Damon Lydon, owner, The Sinking Ship bar/restaurant, Indianapolis

“Want a perfect Bloody Mary and wanna feel all good about supporting local businesses and using local products at the same time? Well, thanks to Hoosier Momma, now you can.” – Nuvo Newsweekly – Indianapolis

“Quite simply, this is the best Bloody Mary mix I’ve ever had.” – This Dish is

“The very cleverly named Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Maker is new to the market and already running circles around the competition.” – Kristine Bottone, LA Bartender Column, LA Examiner

“Hoosier Momma – The best bloody mary mix in America? I think so. I think (Hoosier Momma) is the best Bloody Mary mix available- anywhere. It’s silky smooth with guts. It’s got real flavor. The quality of ingredients speak clearly of (the) passion for culinary stories. The flavor of the potion weaves the magic of flavor with every sip. It’s darned good and I want a drink with it right now. – Warren Bobrow, culinary writer, Wild-River (NJ) Review,