Posted on November 11th, 2012 in Press

Hoosier Momma is featured in an article on the American Express Open Forum website highlighting nationwide small businesses that (like Trader Joes and Apple) started out with a small-devoted following and are building a nationwide appeal. Hoosier Momma is honored to be included with JackRabbit Sports and Organic Avenue in New York City, Viva La Femme in Chicago and Boston Writer and Strategist David Meerman Scott.

Below is the segment from the article. Read the entire piece here.

“Mix Up Some Local Buzz

More than one engine can power a cult, however. At Hoosier Momma in Indianapolis, the creation of its obsession-generating line of natural drink mixes was more analytical than angry, and had as much to with happenstance as fate. KC Cranfill, CEO and co-founder of the 2-year-old company, says it started when co-founder Erin Edds got a call from an event planner who wanted something to put in gift baskets for a Super Bowl party. She decided to make a Bloody Mary mix, sent it off and heard no more about it. But when the leftovers were offered at local farmer’s markets that spring, buyers kept coming back and asking for more.

That caught the entrepreneurial attention of Edds and Cranfill, who had previously started and sold a tech staffing company. “We actually sat down and formulated the company around one product,” Cranfill says. “We took it to three different farmer’s markets. We started with 20 accounts in June 2010 doing self-distribution. We’re now in 800 locations in eight states.”

It wasn’t all serendipity, of course. Cranfill, whose background is in marketing, has emphasized tastings and demonstrations as a way to expose the product to consumers. “We call it ‘in your mouth marketing,’” Cranfill says “We are always out there with our boots on the ground.


She also credits their retro packaging, which uses containers that look like 1940s milk delivery containers. Another plus is the fact that Hoosier Momma’s Bloody Mary mix is made of premium natural ingredients and is priced to match. That makes it a natural for people spending oodles on high-end vodkas. “People walk into a store and buy a $30 bottle of Gray Goose and a $2.99 package of mixer, and they’re not happy with the way the drink tastes,” Cranfill notes. A 12-ounce bottle of Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Maker sells for $4.99 online, but she still calls it a good value. “With this you can buy a $14.99 bottle of Smirnoff and still have a better drink.”